Amateur radio station LA9IHA

Talking to the truckers of the world? not really. Walkie talkie? sorry, no cigar. And for the records, nor is it PMR.

As a licensed radio amateur I have free and unrestricted access to chunks of the radio spectre from DC to daylight. The benefits are in legio:

Your ambitions are determined by yourself only. The people you meet come from all walks of life with all sorts of skills, including social. You are however in circles who are prepared to challenge you and give due credit on your achievements.

If you are technically interested and enjoy the freedoms mentioned, you should certainly consider taking the test. Amateur radio is told to be grand-dad's hobby. Don't be fooled. Grand-dad is kicking - hard.



Get your license

To get you lisence you could follow the path

  1. Who's supporting you. Contact your national amateur radio society and ask what you need to know and how to take the test. Societies world wide are listed at
  2. Check if there is a morse code requirement in your country. My bet is no.
  3. Start reading. With an engineering degree it's a breeze, but if you lack higher education the three important tasks are work, work and work. Do however remember: YOU CAN DO IT
  4. Sign on to a test
  5. Pass the test
  6. Get on the air immediately!